Our Services


Get the benefits you deserve in a checking account without the excessive fees!

No minimum balance required.

  • No per-check charges.
  • No monthly service fee.
  • No canceled checks to retain – copies may be obtained, if needed.
  • Automatic transfers may be set up from your savings account to checking account to cover drafts presented for payment when there are insufficient funds in the checking account. Please be aware that there is a limit of 6 of these during each calendar month.
  • We also offer overdraft protection up to a $600 limit for qualified members.
  • Bill Pay – e Plus

General Fees

Mail Fee $1.75
Copy of canceled check $5.00
Counter/Cashier Check withdrawal 1 free, then $5.00 ea. per month
Check cashing, if no additional service $3.00
Statement Copy $3.00

Below minimum balance

Negative Account Fee


$8.00 per day

Below minimum balance, Money Market Account $25.00 quarterly
Wire Transfer Fee $20.00
Member issued returned item $30.00
Returned item $10.00
Overdraft Fee $30.00
Account closed within 120 days $25.00
Failure to provide current address $5.00
Dormant Account-24 months with no transactions $10.00/month
Stop payment $30.00/check
Dispute resolution fee $5.00/half hour
Replacement ATM/Debit Card $6.00
Non-member check cashing fee $20.00
Probationary checking account fee $10.00/month
BillPay-e Plus Inactivity fee - no transaction in 30-day period $5.00/period

Fresh Start Checking Account

Having a problem getting a checking account? Get a Fresh Start with our Fresh Start Checking Accounts.

To qualify:

  • 3 month active in good standing MedPro savings account
  • 1 month active direct deposit to MedPro
  • $10.00 monthly service fee; ATM Card is available with a Fresh Start Account

We recommend clearing up any issues with ChexSystems. If a letter is submitted confirming these issues have been cleared, your Fresh Start checking can immediately be switched to a regular MedPro checking account which comes with additional services OR if your Fresh Start checking account has been satisfactorily maintained for 180 days, you may request for an evaluation to switch this account over to a regular MedPro checking account.