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Loan amount: $1000


Rate: 8.0%


Term: 12 months


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New or Used Autos

Every new or used auto loan offers:

  • Terms up to 84 months*
  • Competitive rates—as low as you'll find anywhere! Can even cost less than promotional dealer financing!
  • Pre-approvals to make shopping easy
  • Auto loan refinances from other lenders
  • No prepayment penalty

* Term can vary depending upon credit history and vehicle

Unsecured (Personal) Loans

Competitive fixed rate loan with terms up to 36 months.

Unsecured Line of Credit

Our unsecured line of credit account allows you to take advances when necessary - no need to apply for a loan each time. Reevaluated every 24 months. Maximum credit line is 10% of annual income with payments being $50 for every $1000 borrowed.

Home Equity Loans

  • No closing costs*
  • No annual fees
  • Wider variety of loan programs, 5 to 15 year terms.
  • Low fixed interest rate
  • Fixed payment amount
  • Financing up to 90%* of the equity in your home from $5,000 to $125,000

*Closing costs waived on 80% LTV loans. Otherwise closing costs are $250. ** Available to qualified borrowers

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Home Equity Line of Credit

  • No closing costs*
  • Low variable interest rate
  • No loan-advance fees, annual fees or points.
  • Credit limits up to 90%** of the equity in your home from $5,000 to $125,000
  • Borrow and pay interest on only what you need at any given time
  • Potential interest tax deduction (please consult with your tax advisor for your situation

*Closing costs waived on 80% LTV loans. Otherwise closing costs are $250. ** Available to qualified borrowers

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  • Fixed and variable rates
  • 15-, 20-, 30-year terms
  • Low closing cost options
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  • Sweet 16 Loan Program

    We know it can be difficult for a 16-year old to purchase a vehicle but with the “SWEET 16” Loan Program it just got easier!! The super rates on this program will help the young adult afford a payment plus establish credit with adult supervision. Parents can feel good about being able to teach their kids about finances as they prepare to go off to college with reliable transportation.
    • Rates start as low as 1.6% up to 36 months with other rates and terms available... email us for additional information
    • Student is primary with parent(s)/guardian(s)/immediate family member cosigning
    • Rate determined by cosigners score in the case a score is not reliably available on primary
    • Minimum loan amount is $5,000 for 36 month programs
    • Minimum loan amount is $10,000 for 72 month programs
    • Maximum negative equity $1,500
    • Ages 16-25 for primary borrower

    Other Secured Loans

    When you have funds saved in your account, but an emergency arises, why drain your savings? Take a pledged share loan instead! This type of loan enables you to borrow against funds in your MedPro account. The amount held in your account as collateral for the loan is 111% of your current loan balance, so as you make payments on the loan, funds become available to you in your savings account. Depending on the activity on your savings account while you have the loan, it is possible to have the original funds in your savings account when the loan is paid in full!

    Pledge share loans are also helpful to those with no credit history or less-than-perfect credit history. Since the loan is guaranteed by funds held in your account, no credit check is needed. But the pledged share loans are reported to the credit bureau, helping you to establish a good credit history for future credit requests.


    *Most loans are eligible for a .25% DISCOUNT with repayment through PAYROLL DEDUCTION. All loans subject to normal credit approval terms and risk analysis. All rates subject to change without notice. All published rates subject to change without notice. Rates apply to new money only, except Home Equity Lines of Credit which are variable accts.