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We're proud to be able to help out the wonderful people of our community. Hear what our members are saying about us. Thanks for all your support over the years!

Testimonial from Mark & Cindy

Dear Becky,

There isn't enough room on this card to truly express the feeling of gratitude my wife and I have for your above the call of duty consideration, especially when we were in such dire straights. It is people with your genuine caring that keeps this a truly good world to live in.

Our little boy's health is getting better and we are simply awaiting the healing process. The wait was something you definitely eased the stress of. I wish there were some way in which we could repay your kindness.

Thank you & God Bless,

Mark, Cindy & Baby Jansen

Testimonial from Joan & Sam

Dear Becky,

Thank you so much for your caring ways. Once again you helped us out and we will not forget it. The Credit Union is blessed to have you at the helm. You are such a good human being.

Thanks again, in friendship with love,

Joan & Sam

Testimonial from Angela

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help. Your kindness and generosity were greatly appreciated and have not gone unnoticed. So again, thank you and I look forward to a long relationship with MedPro FCU.



Testimonial from Dedra

Dear Credit Union Manager,

I work a an RN on 6100 at Children's Hospital and had a wonderful experience with two of your staff. I had 20 minutes to obtain money from the ATM, buy some lunch, and before returning to the floor at a much needed break. The ATM machine was not working to my dismay, since I had no money with me or anytime to really seek out any other alternative. Without a hesitation, Becky, one of your staff, offered me five dollars for lunch. The other staff person, who I did not  get his name, had been very pleasant through this interaction. Although I felt guilty for accepting her five dollars, I had another six to seven hours (providing everything went okay) before I would be able to eat again, so I did accept it. There are very few people who would go above and beyond for a total stranger. As you probably know, Becky must be a great asset for your company. I have been contemplating switching banks. On my next available day off, I will be setting up an account with your credit union.

Often people are not recognized for their strengths and kindness, especially at work. I hope you take the time to let Becky and the man with her know how valued they are.



Testimonial from Deana

Dear Jaime,

Thank you so much for your help! I always have such a good experience with the Credit Union and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help.

Thank you,


Testimonial from Billie & Ken

Dear Mary,

I just wanted to say thank you for always being so helpful. You and the staff at MedPro are great!

Thank you,

Billie & Ken

Testimonial from Amie

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me and my family for your extra time and consideration at this time of need. I will be forever grateful for your help that you have given our family.

I, as a nurse, always tried my hardest to go above and beyond my duty as such, tried to treat those as if they were my family (even those who were difficult), I found that someday, just someday it will be returned some how. So I wanted to say thank you Karen for listening and your going above your call of duty.

Thank you,

Amie & Family

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